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  About Jeff    

  Jeff "Before"


Here I am fat and stressed out!  During this time of my life I worked in a environment  where fast Here is Jeff at 38 years old needing to lose weight and gain muscle to be healthy again. Jeff being a personal trainer tells you that even a person out of shape can become physically fit again. Jeffrey Urcan used a nutritional program and lost all the fat and gained muscle in 8 months of time. Remember at Top Fit Pros Training you will ger the results you are looking for because Jeffrey Urcan has been in the same condition as you can see as some people have been in with being over weight. food and unhealthy snacks were an every day occurrence. I was becoming fatter and fatter.  When I became painfully aware of my size I realized that I had been in denial.  From that point I had our percent of body fat checked by a fitness consultant and found that I was at 36% body fat.  The realization was SHOCKING, therefore, I made a commitment to take control of my lifestyle and what I put into our body.

     Jeff "After"

            At Top Fit Pros Training we offer the very best in weight loss along with fat loss and muscle retention. If you have to little muscle your body will store more fat because there is not enough muscle to burn the fuel that you put into your body. With our fat loss system we offer a nutritional program along with a muscle developement program. As you can see from our pictures that we can meet our goals with the programs we offer.Since I knew nothing about nutrition I engaged the services of a fitness consultant for assistance. As I became more fit and lost my excess body fat I knew that helping others achieve their fitness goals was a priority in my life. Subsequently, I became fully educated in nutrition and fitness. Soon I learned that our bodies could be manipulated by the type of food we intake to lose body fat while sparing lean muscle mass. The big plus was that fat loss could be achieved without cravings, feeling deprived, binge eating or feeling hungry! If you go to the "Nutritional Information" page to get started along with our "Personal Training" or "Training Programs" page to advance your muscles development you will be on the road to a better lifestyle.