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To: Top Fit Pros TrainingHere is Marilyn after her weight loss program and her personal training program. She is still working out exercising 2 times per week to stay physically fit. She now gets to eat what she wants because she has built so much lean muscle mass

 Attention: Jeff  

         I just wanted to write you and tell you that your program is the Best "Nutritional Program" for losing weight I have found! I was 40lbs heavier than I am here and in a size 10 Shorts. Now I am down to a size 0-2 and I feel wonderful. I have never been hungry throughout the program that you put me on and with Eating Real Food it just makes me want to tell everyone how GREAT this Program was for me.                                  

          Many Thanks,  Marilyn

    To: Top Fit Pros Training

   When Marilyn started her weight loss program she needed to loss fat deposits that she had and also she needed to start a weight training program to increase her lean muscle mass. With the increase in lean muscle mass she would be able to keep the fat from returning and be able to eat more of the foods that she enjoys. She started her weight loss program with a total of 16% body fat to lose. It took her 5 months to lose the 16% body fat and 40 lbs of total weight. She now eats what she wants and has no problems keeping the weight off with weight training that she does twice a week. Attention: Jeff

              I wanted to follow up by writing to you about the "Training Program" that you placed me on. I have been working out for a little over a Year now and found that I have so much more Energy now and I can go all day without a problem. I could never go all day before without rest when I was over Weight.

                                           Thanks Again, Marilyn