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  Successful Clients


     Marilyn  "Before"       This client was exercising with a personal trainer prior to training At Top Fit Pros Training we offer a nutrition program that will make it possible to lose weight and feed the muscles to gain more lean muscle mass. Along with the nutrition program we also offer a personal training program that will add the the progress of weight loss and increase the lean muscle mass you need to burn off the fuel that you put in your body so you do not get fat again. At Top Fit Pros Training we offer custom made nutrition programs along with the training program that will fit your body's type for the maximum progress that you can get in a program.with Top Fit Pros Training. Unfortunately she was unable to keep her weight (body fat) down after she discontinued training with the first trainer. When she engaged our services she was 40 pounds over weight and her body fat was 38% which is 26% body fat higher than it should be to be healthy. She was wearing a size 10 shorts when she realized she needed professional help.

     Marilyn "After"

        After Marilyn lost her body fat she added more lean muscle mass to keep the weight off. Marilyn used our nutrition program along with the training program and used one of our personal trainers to become in the best physical fitness condition she could be in. Marilyn also uses one of our personal trainers 2 time per week to train on a regular schedule.When Marilyn came to us she explained her problem   with the weight gain and her concern about gaining it back again after she loses it.  We explained that most diets on the market result in muscle loss and that was bad for your body.  Muscle requires food to burn as fuel.  Therefore, you need to keep your muscle and even gain as much muscle as you can.  This will make it possible for you to put more fuel (food) in your body.  Marilyn followed our "Nutritional Program" and not only reached her goal weight but also lost all her excess body fat.  Marilyn also followed our "Personal Training" program  and now she eats what she wants when she goes out to lunch and dinner.  Along with that her clothes sizes dropped from a 10 to 2 as seen in this picture to the left.  Marilyn has dropped all the excess fat and is now at 12% body fat.  She is very happy and has had no weight gain in over a year!


       Judy "Before and After"

              Judy's husband began working with "Top Fit Pros Training" firstWhen Judy came to Top Fit Pros Training she was unable to lose the weight that she needed to lose with other programs that are out there. At Top Fit Pros Training we offer a weight loss program that lets you lose weight without being hungry. Along with the nutrition program that Judy used she also used our training program where she gained the lean muscle mass she needed to keep the fat from coming back. She now has more energy and continues to follow her program unti9l she reaches her goal. and was losing body fat and was very pleased with his progress.

              Judy told us that she was reluctant to start because she had initially gained weight after being placed on medication for an illness.  She also said that because she was gaining weight regardless of what she ate, she decided that she would eat unhealthy food and snacks too.  She started at 39.2% body fat in the picture to the right.

               The most important factor in working with this client was convincing her that our "Nutritional Information" program worked by reducing food cravings and she would not be Hungry.  On the far right she is currently down to 23% body fat and still losing on a weekly basis.  She is now a believer in our program!

     Mark "Before and After"

           At Top Fit Pros Training we offer the very best in weight loss or fat loss with our nutrition program. Along with that Mark began one of our training programs with one of our personal trainers and was able to build more lean muscle mass along with losing fat at even a faster rate. Mark now keeps in shape on his own with one of our custom training programs that was designed for him to keep the muscle growing. Prior to coming to see us this client experienced a personal loss which culminated in tremendous stress and unhealthy eating habits.

           He started out at 24% body fat and reduced his body fat down to 10% using our "Nutritional Information"and "Personal Training"   programs.

           Now Mark eats properly, feels great and is maintaining his weight and body fat without losing lean body mass.