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                                  Michele "Before"         


This is Michele, a 39 year old woman who gained all her In this picture Michele is close to 70% body fat and that means she need to lose the fat deposits that she has on her body. She started on her weight loss program and with the proper nutritional information it would help her lose the fat deposits that she has. Once she starts losing fat deposits she started the personal traing program to build the muscle that she needs to keep her fat deposits from coming back. Her lean muscle mass was 40% to low for her body type so the lower her lean muscle mass is the faster the fat deposits will return. At the present time her lean muscle mass has increased to the point that it is at about 10% low so by the time she finishes her weight training program her lean muscle mass will be at the point of the most she has ever had. Then her fat deposits will not return due to the fact that it takes more fuel for more muscle.weight when she had her children.  Along with that she owns a restaurant where she can eat all the wrong foods.  Michele is at 55.2% body fat in this picture which means that better than half of her body weight is in fat.


              In this picture Michele is shown at 70% body fat and her lean muscle is to low for her body to keep the fat off. She started the weight loss program and her personal training program. The weight loss program will lose fat deposits and the weight training program will add more lean muscle mass. With proper nutrition she will lose the weight  and gain lean muscle mass. This will keep the fat deposits from coming back. Losing fat deposits is easier with our nutritional information program then putting on lean muscle mass doing any kind of training program that is why it is very important for you to follow the weight loss program                          Michele "Before"


This is another "before" picture of Michele at 150lbs overweight.  She changed her eating habits when she started our "Nutritional Program" and started to lose the weight.


                 Michele "Now"Here she is after her weight loss program and the weight training program. She used the nutritional information program and the personal training program do lose the body fat she needed to lose and the personal training program and now she has the lean muscle mass to keep the fat deposits from coming back. She is not done yet but as of so far she has lost over 100lbs of fat and will continue until she is completely lean and finished.


This is Michele, still at it with a loss of 90lbs and on her way to the end of the "Nutritional Program".  Michele purchased our program and is losing weight weekly.  Michele has gained the muscle that is required using our "Personal Training" program which will assist in keeping the Fat off when she has completed the programs.  Michele has 60lbs more to lose before she has reached her goal.  Look for monthly updates on Michele's progress.

Here is Michele's restaurant where you can order healthy meals so you can follow your weight loss program and lose fat deposits. The weight loss program will also allow you to build lean muscle mass with the nutritional information program allowing you to build more lean muscle mass so it will keep the fat deposits from coming back.Michelina's Restaurant


This is a picture of Michele's restaurant known as "Michelina's Restaurant" where she now eats healthy every day.  She learned how to prepare food for herself so she can continue to lose the body fat that she needs to lose.  You can visit "Michelina's Restaurant" in Stuart, FL.