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          Weight Training

              Weight Training increases our metabolism, helps balance our muscle groups, assists inThe Training Program that you will be receiving for the workout program you request will be designed by one of the Personal Trainers that will fit your needs. Our staff of Personal Trainers can design any program to fit the sport that you are trying to excel in. muscle retention and increases our physical fitness.  When we begin an exercising regime we need to establish for which type of sport or activity we are trying to get in shape, bodybuilding, golf, tennis, biking, hiking, skiing, aerobics, an endurance sport or just physical fitness.

              The next consideration of exercising, specifically in "Weight Training" is determining the level you can exercise for your current physical fitness level.  Therefore after you have completed our questionnaire for "Training Programs", we will establish at what level you can perform for your physical fitness condition.

               Depending upon your answers above we will outline how you can benefit from "Nutritional Information" so you can conserve energy while performing a sport.  You can achieve muscle retention and fat loss during bodybuilding and increase your metabolism.

               The next step is to complete our simple "Training "Programs" form and press the training programs button.

               A "Florida Personal Trainer" will customize an exercise training program for your physical fitness condition.

          Instructions For The Program

              Please completely fill out the form below and submit the form so one of our fitness professionals can design a program for you. You will recieve a full body fitness program designed for the sport you choice in the questionnaire along with the support you may need through our email part of our web site. Be sure you fill out the form below completely so the program can be designed for you with precision. The cost for this program is $180.00 and can be paid for by pressing the "Payment Link" just below the "Submit" button located at the bottom of the page or through the "Products Catalog" with our online credit card payment system.

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 Payment Link 

        After you finish completing the form you need to submit the form by pressing the"Submit" button and then pay for the Training Program by pressing the "Payment Link " just below the "Submit" button located at the bottom of the page or through the "PRODUCTS CATALOG" page with our online credit card payment system.  Once your payment is received, our Training professionals will customize your program.  Your program will arrive in approximately two business days after payment is received.

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