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        The most important factor in a weight loss program is nutrition which Most people do not understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss. Diets usually produce weight loss in the form of water weight, muscle weight and some fat loss. Losing excess fat deposits is accomplished with a weight loss program that includes proper exercise and nutritional information, weight training for muscle retention and an aerobic activity that delivers oxygen to all muscle groups and improves metabolism. Remember, eating right plus exercising results in improved physical fitness.means eating right for your body.  Eating the right type of foods at the right time of the day is essential in losing fat deposits that we store on our body. Most people fail at diets because their nutrition is poor and they are usually hungry.  The other reason people fail at diets is because they crave the foods and snacks that are unhealthy.  Our weight loss program provides balanced "Nutritional Information" so that you can eat more and not be hungry.  The first part of our nutrition theory is to make sure each person eats enough of the right type of foods to keep that person from being hungry.  The second part of our nutrition theory is to feed each person the right combinations of foods to stop the craving of unhealthy foods that prevent you from losing fat deposits.  While losing fat deposits, muscle retention is essential to keep the fat deposits from coming back.  With a simple push of the nutritional information button after completion of the form, your customized weight loss program will be designed by our nutritional information experts for your body type.

 Personal Training

          People ask why would you use personal trainers to exercise?The major emphasis about Personal Training that you should remember is that the Presonal Trainer will guide you to a higher level of fitness. For those of you who have reached a plateau in your fitness level, hiring a personal trainer would be a sound decision. One important issue about personal training is your saftey. A certified personal trainer will insure your saftey through proper use of muscles and form on equipment (machines, dumbbells, cables, bands, stability ball, etc.). Next, personal training will provide you with the proper motivation and team work so you can meet your goals in a timely fashion. Top Fit Pros Training will review your physical fitness goals and advise you how personal training would enhance your exercise program, improve your aerobic exercise and it's nutritional specialist will educate you on proper nutrition minus the starvation part that most people endure! After your goals are assessed a body fat analysis will be done to determine the ratio between lean body mass and body fat. The statistic will be updated regularly so that the proper fat loss along with the correct amount of muscle building occurs.  There are many reasons to engage the services of  "Personal Trainers" for your exercising program but  there are three most essential ones.  The first reason to hire a "Personal Trainer" is to insure safety throughout your "Training Program" while performing an exercise.

           The second reason to hire a "Personal Trainer" is to monitor your form so that it is correct when performing an exercise.  Proper form will enable the proper development of the muscle groups that you are exercising, to their fullest capacity.

           The third reason to hire a personal trainer is to obtain the proper motivation when you are exercising to make sure you achieve your goals.

           Most people go on diets that help them lose weight but it does not provide for muscle retention.  A personal trainer can assist you in optimizing fat loss which will reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

           People who want to get into fitness for the first time benefit from the use of  personal trainers for all of the above reasons.

           Individuals who wish to increase lean muscle mass or fat loss for bodybuilding shows engage the services of personal trainers to insure results.

          There are numerous reasons to use personal trainers but one final one is that people are driven by appointments and these people want to be healthy so fitness is another appointment!

          At "Top Fit Pros Training" our professional "Florida Personal Trainer" staff will ensure your safety exercising along with meeting your physical fitness goals.

          Do not delay and push the "Training Programs" button after completing the form and you will be on your way to a healthier future.


Aerobic Activity

           What is most important about our cardiovascular and Aerobic Activity is any exercise performed to cause temporary increase in respiration and heart rate. Examples could be swimming, walking, running etc. Aerobic Activity delivers oxygen to all muscle groups, improves metabolism, which assists in fat loss and it is great for stress relief. Aerobic exercise coupled with proper nutrition will help reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol due to being overweight. A complete training program must include proper nutrition, aerobic exercise and weight/strength training. Remember, before endeavoring on any exercise program get the proper approval from your physician and then get with a Fitness professional or certified personal trainer so you can be advised properly so you do not injure yourself. Top Fit Pros Training looks forward to helping you with your fitness goals.cardiorespiratory systems is aerobic exercise.  Aerobic activity delivers oxygen to all muscle groups, improves metabolism and assists in fat loss. proper diet, which means eating right, along with aerobic exercise will extend our lives and make us healthier. It is a fact that proper diet ( Eating Right ) along with aerobic exercise ( biking, aerobics, treadmill, any endurance sport ) will reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol, triglyceride levels and even fat deposits.  Along with reducing high blood pressure and cholesterol, aerobic activity will increase your energy level during normal activities throughout the day.  Aerobic activity will increase your metabolism through natural means without the use of chemicals.  Aerobic activity creates stress relief naturally!  Many people wonder why they do not see physical changes in their body when they do a lot of aerobics or aerobic activity.  This is where our "Weight Loss Program" ( eating right ) coupled with our "Aerobic Training Programs" will help you effect the changes you need to meet your goals.

             A "Florida Personal Trainer" staff professional can design the appropriate Aerobic exercising program to meet your needs.

Weight Training

              Weight Training increases our metabolism, helps balance ourA weight training program is an essential part of an exercise program because it helps you improve performance, physical fitness and even your health. Whether you are weight training to improve performance in a sport or insure muscle retention for bodybuilding, weight training increases metabolism and helps balance your muscle groups. If you are unsure about weight training or know nothing about it and you have been advised to take part in it, hire a personal trainer, more specifically a certified personal trainer and get the proper help for your fitness level goals. muscle groups, assists in muscle retention and increases our physical fitness.  When we begin an exercising regime we need to establish for which type of sport or activity we are trying to get in shape, bodybuilding, golf, tennis, biking, hiking, skiing, aerobics, an endurance sport or just physical fitness.

              The next consideration of exercising, specifically in "Weight Training" is determining the level you can exercise for your current physical fitness level.  Therefore after you have completed our questionnaire for "Training Programs", we will establish at what level you can perform for your physical fitness condition.

               Depending upon your answers above we will outline how you can benefit from "Nutritional Information" so you can conserve energy while performing a sport.  You can achieve muscle retention and fat loss during bodybuilding and increase your metabolism.

               The next step is to complete our simple "Training "Programs" form and press the training programs button.

               A "Florida Personal Trainer" will customize an exercise training program for your physical fitness condition.


      Adult Fitness

              Adults are concerned about how old they are when in fact theyThe secret to longevity is not being sedentary. Does Couch Potato come to mind? Reduced activity results in reduction of lean muscle mass and larger body fat deposits. Within the guildlines of physical fitness and exercise, the age 50 grouping for adult fitness or senior fitness begins with the age 50. This is the age at which we see changes, if any, in our cardiovascular system, cardiorespiratory system and muscloskeletal system. Medical conditions that are seen during this time are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor nutrition, reduced flexibility, arthritis, osteoporosis and numerous others. With physician approval, weight training as part of an adult fitness program under the direction of a personal trainer would be most beneficial. At Top Fit Pros Training we will make sure you excel and meet you goals. should be concerned about how old they feel. The body systems most affected by age are the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system. Lack of exercise and or reduced activity results in an increase in fat deposits and reduction in lean muscle mass as we age. Experts agree on one thing and that is the rate of aging can be controlled to some extent by personal lifestyle choices (Adult Fitness). The functional capacity of the cardiovascular system, cardiorespiratory system and the musculoskeletal system can be improved upon through exercise. Lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol and losing fat deposits can be accomplished through increased activities of daily living, endurance exercise and increasing the size of the muscle groups through weight training.

            Please complete our Personal Training questionnaire and one of our staff who will be a florida personal trainer will develop an adult fitness program for you, which will include aerobic activity, resistance exercise, nutritional assistance and guidelines on how to improve your daily activities that affect your lifestyle.



  Functional Training

              The basic principle of functional strength development is the useThe most important difference between functional training and bodybuilding (muscle building) is that functional training develops multiple systems whereas bodybuilding emphasizes specific muscle groups. Functional training is an effective training mode for sports enthusiasts and competitive athletes. Remember, functional training is for all age groups and it is FUN!  At Top Fit Pros Training we offer a wide varitey of Functional Training for all age groups. of your own body weight before external resistance can be applied. Functional training involves training the core, using multiplane movements that are functional and synergistic. Functional training must also include rotational movement and balance movements. Training the respective muscle groups that are used in the specific activity make the athlete better in his particular sport. Functional Training involves the osseous system that improves structure,the muscular system that provides control and the proprioceptive system that coordinates and directs movement. All of these systems are affected by gravity, ground reaction forces and momentum. Where functional stability is concerned, isolated strength gains are minimized and the neuromuscular system is emphasized.

As described above, it is very clear that the main difference between functional training and bodybuilding is that functional training develops multiple systems, whereas bodybuilding emphasizes a specific muscle.

One of our staff, who will be a florida personal trainer can develop a functional training package for your specific sport. Please complete our "Personal Training" questionnaire and specify your goal.

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