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   Personal Training Camp


        How would you like to get away to a Private Training Facility, where no one  knows youTry something different! Take a fitness vacation. Top Fit Pros Training conducts a personal training camp at our private training facility at one, two, three or four week intervals. Our nutritional specialist will evaluate your nutrition. A certified personal trainer will asses your fitness level and create the correct exercise program to fit your goal. If you are trying to achieve better flexibilty for sports, improve physical fitness, fat loss or muscle building, make a change in training progeams or just have some FUN, you have to come join in at Top Fit Pros Training and we will forfill your dreams of being physical fit again. and get assistance from a florida personal trainer with your physical fitness goals? Top Fit Pros Training has a solution for you. Do you have a weight training program but do not  see any improvements in  how your muscles look, fat loss, or flexibility or fitness level?   Do you know at what fitness level you are?  Have you promised yourself that you would start eating right (proper nutrition) healthier and exercising after you had your first child but never started?  Was that 3 months ago; 6 months ago; one year ago or more?  Are you bored with your current weight training program and weight loss program? 

        Well , Top Fit Pros Training has the Private Training Facility and a certified florida personal trainer that will suit your physical fitness vacation will meet your exercising requirements! Would you like to spend one week, maybe two weeks, perhaps even three weeks and if you are really serious, four weeks with a certified florida personal trainer or nutritional information specialists in sunny florida, stay in a hotel of your choice and get healthier and closer to your fitness level goals?  The buzz word is Personal Training Camp!  Learn from our nutritional information specialists how to improve your diets, lose fat deposits, increase muscle building potential for muscle retention and enhance your aerobic activity exercising program, improve sports activities through proper exercising program to reshape your muscles and update your outdated weight training program. Hooray, a new weight training program!

        Prior to your arrival, you will have completed our goal assessment form.Personal training is the next step you need to take if you are not happy with your current fitness level. If your energy level is low early in your workout your nutrition could be the problem. Personal training will insure muscle retention during fat loss. Personal training will provide the proper challenges and motivation you need to help you reach your goals. Engage the services of a certified personal trainer at Top Fit Pros Training for all of your Personal Training requirements,  This will tell us in which area you need assistance; sports, aerobics, aerobic activity exercising program, weight loss (fat deposits), diets, muscle building, muscle retention, fine tuning so you are eating right/nutritional habits, exercising program, weight training program, breaking fitness level and weight loss program or fat loss plateaus, improve flexibility, functional sports specific training, post rehab training programs or just want to feel better about yourself.  Think “RESULTS” equals Personal Training Camp  at Top Fit Pros Training  with a certified florida personal trainer.





     Our Personal Training Camp at our Private Training Facility will include a nutrition information packageObtaining a body fat analysis is one of the most important steps to take in any exercise program. Body fat analysis tells us your percen of body fat and from that we can determine your lean body mass. Knowledge of this information is crucial in making adjustments to your diet or nutrition program, insuring muscle retention during fat loss programs and to keep you on track for your fitness level goals. Therefore, you should not be afraid to know your percent of body fat when you start your training program, instead it should keep you motivated to stay on track. Body fat analysis will be taken routinely during your stay so adjustments can be made quickly when necessary. geared to your body type and fitness level by one of our nutritional information specialists.  Body fat analysis will be done; yes that means we measure your body fat for fat deposits! We will be checking your body fat weekly to insure continued fat loss of the fat deposits. Top Fit Pros Training personal trainers keep all your body fat analysis stats completely confidential so you need not worry!

    Next, we evaluate your fitness level and create an weight loss program, check to see if you are eating right and a weight training program that will assist you with losing fat deposits, with the proper diets, muscle building, muscle retention, improve aerobic activity and sports activities which you can continue to use when you return home.  While at our Private Training Facility you will be eating right and working with one our personal trainers being a certified florida personal trainer five days per week. You will be taught how to manipulate aerobic activity exercising program to your advantage for losing fat deposits along with the proper diets so you will have the proper way of losing fat deposits.  You will learn proper nutrition with our nutritional information specialists so your body fat is lowered and muscle building begins through designated training programs and aerobics with our personal trainers.  The personal trainers will make sure your heart rate is at the right level for your aerobics. You will also learn how to improve flexibility through stretching sequences so that when your muscles become sore you know what to do. This is very important for intense sports training and muscle building.




 Also, included in this physical fitness vacation is two one hour Therapeutic MassageMassage Therapy is becoming increasingly more popular because people now know that it is not just a luxury, for some it is a necessity. There are many typed of massage therapy. The two most familiar forms of massage are swedish massage, which is primarily for relaxation and the other is therapeutic massage, which directly impacts specific muscle groups that have been injured, or sore from exercise or not flexible. For those of you who routinely exercise, have stressful jobs or lives, are professional athletes or weekend warriors, therapeutic massage is a must! We have selected this form of massage for our personal training camp because you will be doing intense training and it will help you relax your muscle, help them repair and complement our stretching routines to improve your flexibility. Sessions for each week you are here.  Everyone loves this one, especially after working diligently with our Personal Trainers daily.  Your muscles will love it too!  The bonus here is that massage therapy will assist us with our stretching routines to ultimately improve flexibility. Top Fit Pros Training has included in your week stay  two (2) one hour Therapeutic Massage sessions with a qualified licensed massage therapist.  This will insure that your muscles are stretched out and tension is reduced.  You will return home refreshed and invigorated with the knowledge and tools you need to continue your fitness training programs.






1 Week—(5 Days of Intense Training)————-$1860.00


2 Weeks-(10 Days of Intense Training)————$3200.00


3 Weeks-(15 Days of Intense Training)————$4565.00


4 Weeks-(20 Days of Intense Training)————$5930.00


All prices include:

   Hotel , one hour per day with a certified                                             The buzz word in fitness is core strength. This means improving the strength in your abdominal muscles, lower back muscles (erector spinae), the deep tissue muscles along the spine and all stabilizer muscles throughout your body. The exercise being demonstrated on a stability ball shown is a combination of abdominal crunch with a oblique crunch, one of the most common core strength exercises performed on the ball. The stability ball is used in functional training, adult fitness, sports specific training and gereral fitness. Because it is such a versatile tool in fitness the exercise that can be performed on it are virtually unlimited. Check in with Top Fit Pros Training for an update on your current exercise program and let's have some fun and get fit. 

   personal trainer and nutritional specialist

   at our training facility                                       


   one hour per day aerobic exercise, 

   weekly body fat analysis

    and training programs for use upon return home.


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     All of us at TOP FIT PROS TRAINING are looking forward to making you healthier through body fat loss, increased aerobic activity capacity and assisting you in achieving  your physical fitness goals through specific training programs! 


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