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    Do you routinely exercise but see no changes? If you said "yes" it means that you areThe major emphasis about personal training that you shoulh remember is that the staff at Top Fit Pros Training will make sure you excell to meet your fitness goals. For those of you who have reached a plateau in your fitness level, hiring a personal trainer would be a sound decision. One important issue about personal training is your saftey. A certified personal trainer will insure your saftey through proper use of your muscles and form on equipment (machines, dumbbells, cables, bands, stability ball, etc. ). Next, personal training will provide you with the proper motivation and team work so you can meet your fitness goals in a timely fashion. Top Fit Pros Training will review your physical fitness goals and advise you how personal training would enhance your exercise program, improve your aerobic exercise and it's nutritional specialist will educate you on proper nutrition minus the starvation part that most people endure! After your goals are assessed a body fat analysis will be done to determine the ratio between lean body mass and body fat, The statistic will be updated regularly so that the proper fat loss along with the correct amount of muscle building occurs. At Top Fit Pros Training our staff will make sure your goals are met. probably going through the motions of exercise without challenging yourself. Did you know that most people will not challenge themselves but they will allow someone else to give them a challenge? Personal Training provides you with the challenge to make exercise and nutrition work for you. Are you involved in sports but do not have the "little extra" to excel? A personal trainer, more Specifically a Certified Personal Trainer will discuss your physical fitness level goals, your lifestyle,your nutrition,specifically your eating patterns and establish what path needs to be taken to achieve your goals. Do your goals include any of the following:
    Improved Aerobic exercise, body fat loss, defined muscles, muscle building, better flexibility, a new exercise program, sports specific training, post rehab exercise to hasten recovery, conquer a plateau in fat loss or physical fitness level or just plain want to feel better about yourself.   How many times have you said or heard someone say "I don't have the time to exercise?" Realistically we must "take time" to exercise for our health and physical fitness level for now and our later years. Statistics indicate that we are a sendentary society who have become obese (too much body fat) due to overeating. This means our physical fitness level is below average and our nutrition is poor. Are you fit for survival? Will you be around to see your children grow up? Have you taught them your bad habits? Hire a personal trainer. A personal Trainer will provide you with the TOOLS (training programs, body fat analysis, nutrition, flexibility programs, muscle building knowledge) to meet your goals along with the CHALLENGE (motivation) to keep you on track and the TEAM SUPPORT you need to achieve your physical fitness goals.

Before beginning an exercise program, please clear it with a physician first. Top Fit Pros Personal training is the next step you need to take if you are not happy with your current fitness level. If your energy level is low early in your workout your nutrition could be a problem. Personal training will help insure muscle retention during fat loss. Personal training will provide challenges and motivation you need to help you reach your goals. Engage the services of a certified personal trainier at Top Fit Pros Training for all of your personal training requirements.Training staff are certified personal trainers and nutritional specialist who operate from a private training facility. This lessens how vulnerable people feel when they start an exercise program, do aerobic exercise, have excess body fat and need to discuss their eating habits. When starting a training program, most women worry that if they lift weights they will "bulk up." This means they are afraid that their muscles will get big. Muscle building occurs when proper training programs are employed in conjunction with proper diet and an adequate level of testosterone. Ladies, you do not have the same testosterone levels as men! Most people think they can "spot reduce" an area of excess body fat. Body fat loss occurs over the whole body not at any particular site. Sorry! Have you heard that muscles turn to body fat when you stop exercising? Technically, muscles atrophy when you stop exercising leaving more room for fat deposits. Muscles do not turn to fat!

 Aerobic exercise is an integral part of any exercise program. Aerobic exercise improves Obtaining a body fat analysis is one of the most important steps to take in any exercise program. body fat analysis tells us your percent of body fat and from that we can determine your lean muscle mass. Knowledge of this information is crucial in making adjustments to your diet or nutrition program, insuring muscle retention during fat loss programs and to keep you on track for your fitness level goals. Therefore, you should not be afraid to know your percent of body fat when you start your training program, instead it should keep you motivated to stay on track. Body fat analysis will be taken routinely during your training so adjustments can be made quickly when necessary.metabolism and your fat loss potential. It also strengthens the cardiovascular and immune systems. Fat loss assists in reducing the incidence of heart disease and type II diabetes. If you engage the services of a personal trainer and your primary goal is fat loss, they will conduct a body fat analysis, which means we measure your fat. Body fat analysis should be done every two weeks at the beginning of the exercise program so changes, if necessary in nutrition, aerobic activity or training programs can be done immediately. Then body fat analysis should be done monthly after that.

 Remember, hiring a personal trainer requires you to make a commitment to yourself! The training programs your personal trainer will develop for you will be specific to your goals. If you are trying to improve your flexibility do not forget to mention which sports you are involved or that you have arthritis or a medical condition or injury that will hinder optimal results in flexibility. Remember to communicate with your personal trainer! If At Top Fit Pros Training our professional certified personal trainers will guide you to the fitness level that you need to obtain the best physical fitness condition you could be in. Jeffrey Urcan will Personal train you in the privacy of there private personal training facility. Come join us at Top Fit Pros Training today.you are an athlete involved in intense sports or is it a weekend activity for you, then getting assistance from a personal trainer will enhance your knowledge of how your muscles perform in concert with each other so chances of injury can be lessened. Top Fit Pros Training nutritional specialists can teach you the proper use of food to enhance muscle building. Muscle building is essential in a fat loss program. When your lean body mass is high enough you can eat more because the muscle needs more fuel to function. The next step is for you to review your fitness goals. Discuss the benefits of adding a personal trainer and nutritional specialist to your program. Then, call Top Fit Pros Training and we will help you to succeed!

                Personal Training Price Schedule

                         1 Session---------------55 minutes---------------------------$75.00

                       12 Sessions-----(12)--55 minutes--------------------------$720.00

                         24 Session--------(24)--55 minutes----------------------$1320.00

                        50 Sessions------(50)--55 minutes------------------------$2500.00




                       100 Sessions------(100)--55 minutes---------------------$4500.00



                         1 Body Fat Analysis--------------------------------------------$35.00

                         1 Consultation-60 minutes----------------------------------$75.00


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  All of us at Top Fit Pros Training are looking forward to making you healthier along with assisting you in meeting your physical fitness goals.

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